Saturday, November 30, 2013

Joy, Joy, Joy

There is a new sound in the air that rings of joy and happiness.  Open up your hearts this holiday season to see the world from a lens of love and light.  Let go of the lenses that filter that love out and leave only despair and heartache, yearning and wanting.  There is no greater want than the love that permeates the air with the season of giving and receiving.  Leave the expectation of getting at the front door when you enter a house of a family member or a friend, and embrace the feelings of giving to those you love, wholeheartedly, without reservation.  This season of love is not about what we receive, but how we can give a piece of our love to another being and accept that feeling with unconditional love and joy.
Be the one who steps into the role of giving to others without the attachment of having to receive anything in return.  In time, that which you shall receive, shall be a greater reward.  Your heart will flourish with love for others and yourself.  Your perceptional lens will only see with the joy and goodness that a holiday of giving will reveal.  Step back and see the joy on the faces of those who receive and feel the joy permeate from their hearts to the air around you.  Step forward into that air and absorb the love into your heart — binding the feeling from one divine human being to another.  Embrace the love.  Embrace the joy.  Cherish the memories and be happy and content with that which flowed through your family and friends; Joy, Happiness, Goodness, and Love.


Saturday, November 23, 2013

Positive Praise

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Second grade teaching… OH MY!  I have ventured from the middle school level to elementary level and WHAT A DIFFERENCE.  J  The behavior is different.  The size of the kids is different.  The attention span is different.  The wait time for working is different.  It’s all different.  One aspect is not different; the willingness for students to work well when positive praise is given freely, with kindness and sincerity.

Yes, I have the “turn your card” method in my classroom because almost all teachers have this and thought I would try it, but I find it not beneficial to the student, teacher, or classroom.  I will be taking this method off my wall and adding a positive method in its place.  The students LOVE, LOVE, LOVE stickers — even those super tiny, barely can see them without glasses, stickers.  With a small, ‘you are doing awesome’ positive reward, the work level goes up exponentially in the classroom.  The self-esteem of the student increases, and they have now become incredibly proud of what they are doing and their school work.

I think it is time to turn away from the negative side of discipline methods to a more encouraging approach of praise and kind words in order to increase a student’s love for learning.  There is so much negativity and sadness in the world.  Our kids are exposed to so much more adult topics and issues at a younger and younger age.  It is our responsibility as the adult in their lives for many hours a day to show them that life is good and there is a place for kindness and positive praise.

Will I still have days of frustration?  Yes, not every day can be a perfect day.  But, with increased positive statements and actions in a classroom, the atmosphere and willingness to learn will increase.  Encouraging words, soft voices, and open hearts for kindness to flow outwards toward little hearts eager for that love, makes a HUGE difference in a classroom of learners.

Friday, September 6, 2013

The Time to Heal

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There comes a time when you must do the research and learn how to take care of your own body’s needs when you feel under-the-weather or suffering from some sort of dis-ease.   There are many resources that are available to help you with determining how to better help your own self and how to help your own body heal in a more natural way.
I have been battling food intolerance issues that include gluten, sprouted grains, quinoa, yeast extract, and food dyes and additives.  These are huge triggers for me in the body and make me feel horrible— causing bowel issues, hormone issues, skin issues, and just plain exhaustion.  My body responds as if it is in trauma and is being attacked, which it most certainly is when I eat these foods.
I have removed many of these food items from my diet, but once-in-a-while, I get a ‘hit’ of that which doesn’t sit well with me, and I end up going through all those emotions and reactions all over again.  They last for weeks.
I have been on a spiritual path for a while and like to make some sort of connections with that which is happening in my life to my body and my reactions to the issues.  I had a big connection the other day, which opened up a whole host of new research for me to explore pertaining to my body and its intolerances.  I say intolerances because I have not gone for the full diagnosis with a doctor, but DO know that my body cannot tolerate those items when I eat them.  Also, I did go through some muscle testing with my chiropractor, who is trained in holistic medicine, and those intolerances were big, big, big triggers for me.
This past month, I have been on a spiritual quest to remove any blocks and emotions from my body that may be triggering these allergies, as I believe your body can hold on to the emotions of past events.  This is one of my diary entries:
Took the car for emission’s testing before registering and the car didn’t pass.  The code came on for a problem with the catalytic converter.  The converter is the most important part of the car as it converts harmful pollutants into less harmful emissions before it leaves your car.  I took this problem with my car personally and went instantly into a funky mood and started with the “why, why, why” questions.  But, I took a nap, as that is a safe defense mechanism to negative thinking.  
As I was sitting up after the nap, I thought of the 28 day program and how this new development might relate to my body, since I am working on this right now.  I decided to do some research and ended up very interested in the liver and how gallstones can form in the liver.  Yes, gallstones in the liver, which leads to all sorts of issues and diseases.  I knew this was a thing to explore, so read up about the liver and it is one of the most important organs in the body, as the catalytic converter is one of the most important parts on my car.  Hmmmm…  I keep reading.  
The liver is the body's primary 'anti-pollution' organ. It is in charge of removing potential toxins from the blood stream.  Uh, okay… so I have a connection here and it seems that I must take care of detoxing my liver, as that is one area the last time I didn’t want to do any work and just kind of glossed over and ignored.  I was too busy to dig deeper when I got to this part and a few other parts of my body- the ones through the middle area.  I guess since I didn't concentrate on this area at all last time, it is the place I get to start off on.  Funny, because I had mentioned just doing the parts of the body in the middle to my husband, since that seems to be where a lot of my health issues stem from; I was thinking more of the adrenals and kidneys, but okay, will start with the liver.    
Let’s just say, I didn’t even last the first day with the liver/gallbladder cleanse as the cleanse I had originally opted to use had apple juice as an ingredient.  I didn’t survive the first day of drinking 8 oz. of apple juice, which is something I didn’t drink before the food issues as it made me feel awful, and still cannot drink it now, as it makes me feel awful.  I knew that I am triggering a blood sugar issue with this, which goes along with the food intolerances.  So…… I went back to the research to see what other cleanse would work for me.
On the journey, I discovered that I completely overlooked the fact that I had a planter’s wart on the bottom of my foot; candida issue.  I found that I can help to clear up this candida with daily coconut oil added to my meals and it also works on the liver and gallbladder and a host of other problems.  The one thing I found most fascinating that was maybe, just maybe, all my problems are stemming from candida overgrowth, and I have never recognized it.  I have had planter’s warts off and on over the years, but finally, I feel that I have made a connection.
Who knew that introspection about the spiritual meaning of my car part breaking would lead me to the possibility of finding the source to my health issues?  I will persevere and overcome this that is plaguing me and hopefully, can return here in the near future to give you the results of my research and testing on myself.  I truly believe there are many resources on this Earth that can help us heal, we just need to find them and use them.
Until then, blessings to you as you travel onward and upward to your next spiritual revelation!



*I am not a doctor, nor am claiming to be in the medical field.  This is information that I have begun to unearth and apply to my own healing needs.  If you need medical attention, please seek out your own doctor for guidance.

Monday, August 26, 2013

Love Is All That Is!

It has been some time since I have posted an inspirational piece for everyone to read, absorb, and settle into their souls.  This piece is from my novelette, Love in the Here and Now, from the "Love Forward" section.  When you embrace and surround yourself in LOVE, it will empower and transform you to a greater feeling of peace and serenity.

"Let love be your guide.  Let love fill your life.  Let love be your markers, your lighthouses, your beacons in a storm.  This love that will consume your body will feel magnanimous!  This love will feel all-powerful, empowering, mighty and fierce.  This love will drive your life forward and lead you toward and down a path of righteousness.  It will feel right.  You will feel peace and harmony and fulfillment.  You will embrace life as a child embraces life.

Live strong in the passions of love for they are powerful.  Live strong in the emotions of love for they are empowering.  Live strong in the throes of love for it will be a beacon of light for you.  This love will reach into the darkness that threatens your heart and sheds light upon its fa├žade.  It will reveal the darkness as an illusion, a fear that is not fearsome.  You will see that love will transform your life, transform you heart into all that is divine.  You are love, in all its essence.  You are divine in all its gradeur and mysticism.  You are love and light.
At the time of great peace within your soul will you begin to attract like souls.  You will begin to congregate with those who are light, as you are.  You will illuminate your love far and wide.  This will attract more souls to you, more hearts feeling your love.  Open up your heart, open up your feelings, and allow peace and light to rain upon those who seek.  Lead these souls to the light, for they have been astray.  Love will lead them Home.
Without love, the absence of love remains fear.  Fear is a powerful entity on it own if you give it the fuel to be a powerful deterrent from all that is holy.  Do not play into this fear.  Do not give fuel to the fear that resides with the confines of your dimension.  Push it aside, with love.  Move the fear outside the boundaries of your existence, for it is not your reality.  It is not which will support you in your reality-love-love will support you.
Love is a strong foundation, unconditionally, without restrictions, without limitations.  Love is the one and only driving force you need to create your reality.  Fear does not help to create, it destroys, it alters, it changes course of your reality.  It causes you to stop in your advancement to higher consciousness-places a block, in a sense.  Love does not, for there is no chance of blockage because love flows unconditionally, without any restrictions, without any barriers.  Love is all that is.  Love is you creating your reality."

Monday, July 29, 2013

iPhone Cases

I now have the option of offering my photos on iPhone cases on my photography website (see tab above).  I have finally been taught, thanks to many other photographers, on how to set up the html coding to show you some phone covers with my photos on them.  Awesome!

Awesome, awesome, awesome!!  Makes me want to go purchase an iPhone just so that I can put my own case on it!  At this point, the vertical photos work the best, but soon the site will make it so that the horizontal photos can orient to fit the phones as well.  Play with the photos and see what you can create... I LOVE it!

Ooh, I can't stop creating now that I know how to do the html coding to show the photo!  Happy, Happy!!  :) 

Thursday, July 18, 2013

Wildland Fire Boots

My husband has put in his time as a wildland firefighter— actually, he has put in 22 years, but who's counting?  This is one of his first years off the fire line, which is a blessing to our family.  I dug around in his closet and found one of his oldest pairs of boots to use for some still life photography. 

The tongue of the boots are ripped, which means he can no longer wear them for fire duties, but they do work just fine if needing a tough pair of boots around the house.  They are broken in and the most comfortable pair he owns.

Here's just a simple shot of the boots — worn and dusty!
Then, I had to take the photo a step further, because I DO have cut up flowers now from my other still life photos.  I just couldn't let them go to waste never to be used again!  I got some commentary from the husband unit about the flower on his boots, but I'm not going to share his words.  They went along the lines of it looks quite ridiculous.  I LOVE the look, personally! 
There are a few more versions of these boots on my Artist Website, click the tab above or on this link:  Kerri Mortenson Artist Website

Flower Still Life Photography

I am in a photography group on Facebook that is just getting started.  One of our first assignments for the group was to upload a still life photo.  I wanted to do something different, so I played with the flowers my husband had bought me and my candle holders.  I cut down the flowers to fit in the candle holders (shhh... don't let my husband know I cut up his gift!)

This first photo is what I created with my yellow daisies.  The photo is in a window with natural lighting, sitting on an antique side table with black cloth as a background.  I think this shot works wonderfully!
I then got excited about this style with still life and glass candle holders!  I decided to cut up more flowers from the beautiful bouquet.  I think these are chrysanthemums that I cut down to fit in the candle holders.  The result was equally as wonderful!

I really think these would look spectacular on a metal print, as the colors pop off the photo! 

Wednesday, June 19, 2013

Vibrational Match

There is an inner peace which radiates out from you today.  As you pass others along the route you choose to walk, notice the fluctuation of your vibrations.  You are reacting and interacting with the energy of others.  When you feel agitated, change the vibrational match by speeding up or slowing down your pace.  This will break the contact.  Have you ever felt yourself matching step with step to another person?  They are, vibrationally, in alignment at the exact place you are.  Relax in that space for a while and feel the peace flow through you, releasing all energies that are not favorable at this time.

Be aware of your inner self as you move along your day, and be aware of the energies around you.  Let them steer your course to always being in alignment with source and on a high vibrational ray of light.  There are all levels of energy growth going on around you every moment of the day.  Find the vibrational match to you and bask in its healing and energizing properties.

Be cautious not to sense the lower vibrations that cause agitation and send your energies, unsolicited, to them.  They are not ready yet for that.  What you can do is ask their higher self to spend some time pulling in some healing energies, then step back and detach.  Give the Universe your gratitude and move on.  It is not possible to heal everyone, every moment of the day.  It will leave you a shell of your former self with a dim light of the divine.  Keep your light and vibrations high by asking for someone’s higher self to take care of matters — leaving yourself detached and still high in energy.

Continue to walk your path, dear one.  It is a glorious place to be.

Wednesday, June 12, 2013

Pass Along Your Knowledge

As a teacher, there are those times when you question your own abilities. Yet, when you look at your own abilities with more depth, you notice they are as strong as ever.  When you feel yourself slipping into self-doubt, step back and reflect on your own schooling and your own knowledge.  It's there.  Maybe you have let it sit dormant for a time, yet when you need to use what you know; it is there at the ready.

Do not allow self-negative talk to disrupt your abilities as a teacher to pass along the knowledge you possess.  Use that knowledge to expand the minds and hearts of those sitting in front of you waiting for you to share all that you know.

Stop the abuse to your own self and halt your ego's restlessness for drama by being kind to yourself.  Walk confidently in the wisdom you hold within your heart and let it reach all those wishing to hear and learn.

Friday, June 7, 2013

Television Contest

Three of my photos have managed to garner enough votes to move forward to the second round of Juried voting in this contest on Fineartamerica.  Television Contest

My three photo are below.  If you click on each photo, you can see how many votes each has and you can vote on them if you would like.  Having extra votes is a nice cushion in the event someone decides to take a vote away.