Sunday, December 4, 2016

Hope, Peace, Love, Joy

Spending my day doing some beautiful intuitive readings, time with family, and shopping online for gifts for others! 

A day filled with HOPE, LOVE, PEACE, and JOY!

Wealthy Affiliate — My Review


I thought all affiliate marketing programs were a scam!  When I discovered Wealthy Affiliate  it seemed too good to be true.  I joined for the free sign-up and started the Certification Courses to see if the program would teach me anything or force me to figure it out on my own.  On a personal note,  I am an elementary school teacher, so learning is my passion!  It was time to take care of me and learn something new that I always wanted to learn! 

To my surprise, I was pulled in and learning right from the start!  I was so excited, I found myself signing up for the Premium membership within a day!  What did I have to lose?  I also found that I could unsubscribe and cancel my membership super easy — I had immediate access to that piece of Wealthy Affiliate.  It made me feel comfortable knowing that I could leave any time without harassment.  Win/Win for me! 

When I first joined Wealthy Affiliate, I knew absolutely nothing about affiliate marketing. Zip. Zilch.  Nada.  I was going in on a wing and prayer to learn something so different for me, yet hopefully fulfilling and empowering to earn money at home so that I could leave my full-time career to be my own boss. 

I decided that the initial cost of $0, was just the price I wanted to get started; no credit card required.  I could roam around on the site and start the first module of training without a risk of losing any money.


What is Wealthy Affiliate?
Wealthy Affiliate (WA), which was founded in 2005 by Kyle and Carson, has quickly become a community of over 800,00 online entrepreneurs learning with top-notch training modules and making money through affiliate marketing.

Wealthy affiliate does not ever promise to make you rich overnight, but does provide the best training you will ever find online to give you all the tools you need to be successful.  You must build up your own site trust and style of website development to gain the traffic you need to be a top-of-the-line entrepreneur.  It is a site of sharing of resources amongst the community members, from Kyle and Carson all the way down to the newest members.

I am always amazed at the collective knowledge being shared by everyone at Wealthy Affiliate!  I feel like I am taking a college course for almost free!

Excellent Features Of Wealthy Affiliate

  • Free Trial Membership (No Credit Card Required)
  • Amazing and Comprehensive Training Classrooms and Videos
  • Strict Spam-Free Environment
  • 800,000 community members
  • Live Chat- open always- scrolling on the sideboard
  • Access to successful online entrepreneurs at all times
  • Access to the owners, Kyle and Carson
  • 2 Free Easy-to-Build Websites with training how to build them
  • No Sell-Ups (except to Premium membership)
  • So much more....

Is Wealthy Affiliate For You?

Are you tired of the grind and working for someone else with little enjoyment?  Are you tired all the time and want to stay home and support yourself?  Wealthy Affiliate is for anyone; Moms, Dads, Grandparents, College Students, those who are stuck in an endless job, retired people ready to make extra income, and so on.  This program is for everyone willing to work hard at home for their own success!

Claim Your STARTER Membership Now for $0!

How much does Wealthy Affiliate cost?

The STARTER membership is free and will always remain that way!  The PREMIUM membership costs $49 per month ($19 the first month if signed up for Premium within 7 days).  Claim Your Premium Membership Now!

What Are You Waiting For?

When you first create an account, you head over to the Certification Courses (or hang out on the Activity Dashboard and meet kind, giving members).  You will see the first Course ready for you!


There are 10 lessons within this first Level; Getting Started, Understanding How to Make Money Online, Choose a Niche, Building Your OWN Website, Setting Up Your Website, Getting Your Site Ready for SEO, Finding Content Ideas From Keywords, Understanding Website Pages and Creating Your First 3, Creating Quality Website Content, and a Recap of the Lessons.

WOW!  Not only does Kyle share how to Get Started, but also how to build your website, add content, and be ready to launch your website! When you sign up for Premium, which I did because I was ready to monetize my website and learn all that I could about Affiliate Marketing, you will have access to the remaining Levels of learning!  I couldn't contain my excitement!  Spend some time looking around this website and see what I have learned!  I have created a website, added content, added affiliate links, and have increased reader engagement.  My website is successful!

The following Levels walk you through each with 10 Lessons to Produce Traffic to your website, how to monetize and make money, the key steps to master social engagement, and achieving success through content creating!  That is 40 more lessons for only $19.00 for the first Premium month sign-up, if signed up
within 7 days!

online-entrepeneur-course-2 online-entrepeneur-course-3online-entrepeneur-course-4 online-entrepeneur-course-5 

 I found Wealthy Affiliate NOT a scam, but an enriching site with members who share lessons continually to be a more successful Online Entrepreneur.  I have followed many members and learned from their blog posts.  Kyle and Carson, the owners of Wealthy Affiliate, have made a community of lifelong learners and teachers of Network Marketing that is an incredible place!  Kyle and Carson are very involved with the community and actively participate each day.  They are reachable and available for any questions any time!  You don't get this any other place!

Join me for freeand become your own boss (i.e., a WEALTHY AFFILIATE)!   The first month is only $19.00 if signed up for Premium within the first 7 days! 

Amazing Websites Designed Using Wealthy Affiliate — Endless Possibilities


  Please drop a comment below!  I would love to hear from you.


Monday, November 28, 2016

Exploring Life's Options

As I sit here today in contemplation of what life is about, I think of that which I have accomplished and the goals I have set forth for the future.  I realized this morning that I have been working since I was 14 years old.  I am beginning the quick assent to the half century mark.  I have had a myriad of jobs and one larger career that has consumed most of my working time.  Were the jobs fulfilling?  For a bit, but I long for so much more and my eyes are turned toward something greater.  Freedom — to be my own boss and make my own conditions.

I have recently joined an affiliate marketing site thinking I would learn a bit about affiliate marketing and see where it takes me.  I am a lifelong learner, so this new venture was exciting!  I didn't realize the impact it has already made on my life.  I joined with the free starter membership because I am pragmatic; to a fault.  There was a whole lot of training available to explore and the prospect excited me and made me feel a bit apprehensive as well.

I realized within the day that this was a community of teachers and learners that I wanted to be a part of for a long time.  The career paths the other members are coming from are varied; ranging from college students to those in technical careers.  The community shares and supports each other in their learning, no matter which level of learning each other is on.  I am impressed!

I have created two websites, not including this blog; one a website that is a product review site and another site that is my own personal writing website with soul wisdom.

Have you ever wanted a change in career and have not done anything about it?  Don't wait and explore your options.  You never know what opportunities will pop up in your field of vision.

Please leave a comment below, I would love to hear from you!