Friday, May 13, 2016

Take Off those Blinders!

I was out shopping before Christmas looking for the "perfect" gifts. My thoughts were narrowly focused on the task at hand. I went into stores with the same intentions, the same focus, the same thoughts, "...the perfect gifts, looking for the perfect gifts, perfect, perfect, perfect..."

As I looked through the same stores following Christmas, I noticed that my thoughts, focus, and intentions were not the same. I did not need to find the "perfect" gift anymore, but was just browsing. I stood in front of the same aisle of products only days after my "perfect gift" shopping trip, and my view was different. I saw gifts and fun items that I did not see days before. How did I not notice these gifts before and how did I allow myself to become so narrow-focused? When did I allow the world pass me by without noticing the small things in life? What other small things have passed me by without my notice?

We are in a horse race, the race of life, yet we are not the jockeys, but the horses. We are wearing blinders on our eyes and only see the narrow path in front of us. We are allowing others to guide our actions and dertermine our path for us. It is time for us, for me, to stop being the horse with blinders on our eyes. Change your perspective and become the jockey. Sit up high and take charge, take off the blinders, and see the path(s) we can take from a new view.

There are so many opportunities to choose a new path. Get off the straight and narrow path, which you can only see with blinders on. Take them off and notice the many choices that present themselves everyday. Notice the curve of your own path and see the intersections of opportunity approaching at every moment.

Be the jockey of your life and ride free with the force of the wind in your face. Look around at the view and guide your life in a direction that is meaningful to you. Remove those blinders and see!


Friday, May 6, 2016

Leap of Faith

Have you gotten to a place in your life when you just feel the need to switch paths completely?  I know that sometimes it takes a huge leap of faith in order to step outside your comfort zone and do something completely different with your path and life. 

Find that new muse that makes your heart sing and sizzle with joy!  When you feel it — JUMP — and know that the netting below you is woven with divine light.  It is strong.  It is powerful.  And, you will land safely.

What are you waiting for?  Begin your moments of life now!

Wednesday, May 4, 2016

With Each Breath...

As you consciously move through your day, stop at random moments to notice your breathing.  As you inhale and exhale, use the statement, "With Each Breath, I..." to pull into your being positive affirmations and life-changing statements.  Let each breath open up the possibility of real choices and in-the-moment inspiration. 

As I did this for myself, I would fill in the ellipses with my own affirmations.  The list would be long and amazing, but here are a few that would be in my daily affirmation bag.

"With each breath, I give to myself and others love and light blessings."
"With each breath, I move along a path of my own choices."
"With each breath, I am a being of Light."
"With each breath, I am joyful and happy in my choices and life."

How would you complete the statement with affirmations to open up your own path of life?

Monday, May 2, 2016

Language of Love

You have seen the language of love demonstrated so many times within your lifetime.  Yet, do you always know how to instill that language into your own vocabulary and way of being?  You have it inside you already.  It is the standard language given to you by God, yet many times you have chosen to cut off that language, to confuse its words with anger and disappointment, hatred and ill-will.  It is time, now, to replace your vocabulary built of negativity with one filled with pure divine light.  This language will open up all new opportunities for you to explore, for you to experience, for you to enjoy and pursue and take pleasure from.  This language of love is an all-encompassing, heart-based language that will rock your essence into existence for the first time in many years.  You will feel alive, finally, for the first time.  You will embrace all experiences and embrace life as you are living it for the first time.  You are.  You will.  Get ready to replace your way of speaking, communicating, and acting with a new method of communication that will encompass all and expect nothing in return.  It is an unconditional language that is forever forgiving, forever loving, and forever yours.
*excerpted from my book, Love in the Here and Now

Monday, March 7, 2016

Daily Intuitive Message #3

I asked my guides for a message for my readers...this is their message for you today!

There is urgency in the air today to refresh and re-energize your own self.  Take the time today, dear one, to do just that.  Use the moment or two in time to just be with your own self and listen to the silence around you.  Walk away from the noise of the day and the chaos that may be consuming your thoughts to let go of the noise and reverberations of the day to just relax and let go of all thoughts.  Release them into the air and feel the peace flood into your heart, mind, and soul space today.  Breathe in deep while you flush out the toxic noise around you.  Aahhh!  You only need a few moments of your day to re-energize yourself.    When you feel overwhelmed, find a quiet space to breathe in, breathe out and relax for a few moments. 

Saturday, March 5, 2016

Daily Intuitive Message #2

I asked my guides for a message for my readers...this is their message for you today!

Greetings, dear ones!  We are pleased to see you opening up your intuition to that which is divine and loving.  When you continue to connect to the divine source of all that is, you will increase your own intuition and ability to sense that which is right and not so right for your own pathway of light.  Listen and feel the guidance that joins your thoughts and releases from your heart space.  It is right.  It is true.  It is a deeper connection keeping you in a space of ever-lasting growth and enlightenment. 
There are energies around that do not play nicely with your emotions and leave you feeling tired and restless.  You end up questioning your own feelings and thoughts at every turn of the road.  Leave those energies to God and let go of those energies that do not serve you a higher purpose of God’s divine will.  Let your heart filter any energy through it and cleanse that which is heavy and dull.  Your own divine light will purify and amplify the golden energies of God’s light.  Feel the change in your body.  Feel the change in your mood.  Feel the changes as you move through your day.  Your energies are lifted and your heart is singing with exuberance and joy.  Yes, you will know and it will feel great! 
Have you ever caught yourself smiling and humming along to a song in your head for no apparent reason?  Your energies at that moment are light and purified and pure divine.  That is what you want to feel most when you are in a space you wish to be or a path you want to walk toward.  Your energies lift up and you feel yourself floating with least resistance to all that you dream.  Ask for those lower, low-vibrating energies to filter through your divine heart space to be cleansed, purified and transmuted to love and light.  Only feel that energy that is of God’s white light surrounding you today!  Lead on, my dear ones, and light up your world around you.
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Sunday, February 28, 2016

Daily Intuitive Message

I asked my guides for a message for my readers... this is their message for today!
Our greatest joy to you as you journey along your path of enlightenment and growth.  Be ever vigilant in your quest to maintain a steady path as you waiver through the few weeks of strong energy flowing down upon you.  We are in a great transition of energy right now and many of you, dear readers, are feeling the effects of that energy surge.  Surround yourself in your own grace and center yourself with deep cleansing breaths.  Find time to breathe in and breathe out as you move throughout your day, relaxing your shoulders, and just stilling your mind.  These energies will only affect your being if you allow them to overwhelm you.  Stand your ground when issues arise and be gentle with yourself.  Let the energies flow around you, not allowing them to shake your foundation.  You will reinforce your foundation through deep cleansing, relaxing breaths and moments of silence within your own space.
Our joy to you as we celebrate your path, for it is ever-evolving and ever-flowing in the direction of your greatest dreams and desires.  Move forward in ease with the flow of the divine.  Let those energies that push back against you flow gently around your solid foundation.  You are unshakeable!

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Friday, February 12, 2016

Intuitive Readings

Your guides are always waiting to assist you in all facets of your life.  We often forget to ask them for guidance and help throughout our day.  As we connect by spending time in our quiet moments either through meditation or a quiet, contemplative walk, driving in our car, or just sitting and being still; know that your guides are there waiting to give you messages and assist you throughout the day.

Kerri will connect with your guides to receive messages for you that are insightful and blessed with the wisdom from a higher source. 

You may ask any question and receive that message which you need at the time.  When you receive your answer with love and an open heart, you will be able to move forward on your path of peace and understanding. 

Let go and let your guides lead you with wisdom!

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Sunday, January 10, 2016

It's All About the Tea

I am not very daring in the tea department as I have stuck to regular black tea — iced or hot — for many years.  Plain- as simple as that! 
But, I have decided since I have so many essential oils in my house that are beneficial to my bodily functions, that I thought I would try some in my tea.  I switched to a green tea and added Ginger and Bergamot essential oils.  I love this combination and make a cup or two every day.  Bergamot is a great oil to help ease stress, while Ginger is great for supporting a healthy digestive system.
What are your favorite oil combinations in green tea?
*FDA Disclaimer:   These statements have not been evaluated by the Food and Drug Administration.  These products are not intended to diagnose, treat, cure or prevent disease.

Tuesday, December 22, 2015

Replace Your Watts

I wrote this inspirational message for teachers about six years ago.  It is amazing how even more true it is now!  We all need to find the time to replace our watts to be a better person with joy and happiness. 

Your back aches from bending over little desks, your eyes hurt from trying to read scribbled writing, your head feels like a balloon is pushing from the inside ready to burst, and your feet are swollen ten times too large- causing your toenails to ache.  Yet, somehow you manage to muster the strength to tuck a pile of ungraded papers into your book bag and sludge out the door to your car. 

You have managed to give your energy to kids’ demands throughout the day.  You have lent your energy to finding that misplaced homework in a folder, or fielding the friendship drama.  You have leapt upon a chair to bring excitement to a lesson, and crawled upon the floor to interact with a group of students.  You have shared your energy with a colleague to help with a lesson idea, classroom management tip, or to enlarge your shoulders for them to be consoled upon.  You have managed throughout the day to spread your energy far and wide, with minimal complaints, with only some body aches to show.  While your energy is depleted, you have also managed to carry home grading that can be handed back in a timely fashion-all bright and cheery the next day.

But, at the end of the day, you must find some time to replace your watts in your Light energy.  Let the book bag not be filled with ungraded papers for a night and allow your self some “me” time.  There are so many nourishing ways to replenish the energies you have shared throughout the day.  Don’t let your bulb go out from neglect of self; keep the Light burning strong and steady with a little care. Go for a walk, take a candlelight bath, read a book that is not related to your job, listen to music, be creative, or meditate.  The therapy for self is individualized and personal to you. 

It is a joy to carve out some time to take care of your body- heart, mind, and soul.  Allow the time within your day to just relax and replenish all that was given away during the day.  You can give so much more of yourself, when you know that your energy will return in full with some much-needed pampering and love.  Love yourself enough to share some time with self.  When your wattage is at its highest, then your Light is at its brightest.  With some tender loving care and some down time, you will forever be shining bright in your classroom and in your personal life.